Law specialization

Some of our projects:
Certified translation of corporate documents; EU and competition law; litigation; compliance documents; legal regulations; mergers and acquisitions; procedures related to patents and intellectual property.
These works are carried out by translators qualified or specialised in law and the related terminology.
Naturally, all documents are handled confidentially. Our standard confidentiality agreement concluded with all translators can be supplemented upon our client’s request.

Finance specialization

Some of our projects:
Comprehensive services to commercial banks; financial IT systems, credit ratings, annual reports, balance sheets and P&L accounts, reports; screening, compliance, cash flow, real estate appraisal etc.
Finance could well be the most international sector; most financial service providers are active internationally. Our clientele comprises banks, insurance and leasing companies, auditors and accountants, as well as regulatory institutions.
Staying up-to-date in financial terminology, which varies across countries and business areas, requires continuous efforts.

Engineering and technology specialization

Where we have the most experience within this field is road and rail transport systems as well as the supporting IT solutions. Translating user’s manuals, technical specifications, designs, technical publications, product catalogues, tender documents, offers and databases requires translators who are also qualified engineers; and strong project support is also necessary. We offer all these.

Insurance specialization

A provider of insurance services must be credible. Prospective and existing clients must trust that the insurance company will perform reliably in an emergency. Both business communications and conversations with clients should be technically accurate, and the same nuances should be expressed in the translated message as in the original.

PR & Marketing specialization

At Krisztíz, supporting material such as market research, analyses and target group identification reports are handled by specialised translators with native-level language skills who know the author’s intentions and can convey it. Creative texts are also translated by such experts as this work is akin to art. Localisation of centrally created marketing material; presentations; introductory documents; web sites; press releases and newsletters – these are some examples of the specialised marketing assignments preformed by our team with precision and creativity at the same time.

Architecture, facility management specialization

Our expert translators boast confident and up-to-date knowledge in design and construction, and even special fields such as building engineering, fire prevention, and real estate appraisal.

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